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Are you a Tony's Tejas Salsa believer? 

Tony's Tejas Salsa is a movement as much as it is a brand. Every milestone achieved since the company's establishment has been funded and promoted by believers. You too can play a major role in making Tony's Tejas Salsa a household name. Small investments of funds and time from a collective of people is powerful. Share your ideas and experiences to help grow the brand. Become part of the Tony's Tejas Salsa Profit Share Group and receive dividends for as long a the world's best salsa is produced. Changing what we prioritize can change the world like a ripple in water. Contact Tony Ingram ( for more information about the movement and your role in making the world a better place one cup of salsa at a time.

Tony's Tejas Salsa Profit Share Group

  • Quarterly dividends to supplement your income.
  • Excellent long-term investment and retirement income to diversify your portfolio
  • No minimum investment amount.  Maximum investment amount is $250,000.
  • You can make as many investment installments as you like.
  • The deadline for this second investment cycle is December 31, 2018.  The sooner and more often you invest, the faster the company grows and it increases the amount of your returns.
  • Have a lack of disposable income?  Trade your spare time to become a service-based investor and grow your investment.  Service-based investors can define their own role and gain valuable business experience while helping grow the company.

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