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Always interesting and entertaining see what the owner and creator of The World's Best Salsa is into on his station. 

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6/2/2018 - Interview with Tony's Tejas Salsa after winning the 2018 Salsa Showdown:
4/21/2018 - Tony appears on HLN Weekend Express with Lynn Smith to make his Tejas Shrimp Creole:

4/14/2018 - Tony shares healthy breakfast ideas with Lynn Smith on HLN Weekend Express:

3/24/2018 -  Another visit from Chef Tony Tejas on HLN Weekend Express. This time he makes Tejas Chicken:

3/4/2018 - Tony shows how to make his Vegetable Orzo Soup on HLN Weekend Express with Lynn Smith:

12/6/2016 - Tony on Pensacola Business Radio - Foodie Life:

11/4/2016 - Tony makes a Tejas Steak Fajita Salad with Katie Burns of Burns Farms in Pikeville, TN:

7/30/2015 - Kelly Jones of WPMI Local 15 interviews Tony:

7/27/2015 - Team Tejas on WKRG News 5 sharing some of our favorite recipes!:

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