Hi I’m Chef Tony Tejas and I've created the World's Best Salsa. 

Tony's Tejas Salsa is the freshest, most

delicious, most versatile salsa sold in stores. What is truly special is that YOU can invest in the World's Best Salsa. I've created an opportunity for you to own what you eat. Put your disposable income to work in the

trillion-dollar food industry.


Invest your money into The World's Best Salsa and it will pay you and your family for life while creating a residual income for your children. A residual income is like having a job that requires you to do nothing. Saving money and investing into businesses that generate dividends are the keys to building wealth. The return your investment yields will help with retirement, help pay for your children’s’ education and be passed on to the next generation. Own a percentage of our company's profit. The more you invest into Tony's Tejas Salsa the bigger your returns.

How it Works:
1. Investment Rounds: 

An investment round is the period of time our group has to make contributions into their investment account. We

are approaching the close of the 2nd investment round which ends on 12/31/18. It’s important to invest before the deadline if you want to get an immediate return. Once the 2nd round is closed, the 3rd round investors won't receive any dividends until the close of the 3rd round.

2. Investment Round Total:

After the investment deadline we tally all the monetary and service based investments. This pool of investments is the investment round total. It's used to calculate your profit share percentage.

3. Profit Share Percentage:

Your profit share percentage is your percentage of the investment round total. This is what your dividends will be calculated by.

4. Profit & Dividends:

Our company's profits are split as such. 

  • 55% is reinvested into the company.
  • 10% goes to the legacy group.
  • 35% is distributed amongst the 2nd round investors.

Net Profit is calculated every 3 months.

You will receive an email with your dividend amount during the following 3 months.

5. Accumulating investments:

Once you're a member of our group your investment can be grown continuously. Your total at the end of each investment round carries over to the next round. Keep investing by selecting automatic recurring monthly payments.
6. A variety of contributions (fair market value compensation for services):

What's revolutionary about our profit share system is that your time and talent has just as much value as your money.
Help Tony's Tejas Salsa on the journey to being the next household name in salsa and grow your investment. Fair market value means you get the equivalent amount in investment for the service you provide as you would get paid monetarily.

These are a few services you can provide to grow your investment:
• Product demonstration
• Store Merchandising

• Product Deliveries
• Video production
• Photography
• Graphic design
You also can purchase advertising, merchandise, equipment, or salsa direct from the factory to grow your investment. Buying any of these items pushes our brand forward quickly and allows the company to grow without getting loans from banks. That keeps company debt low and dividend higher for our investors.

Return On Investment:

How much money can you make?

1. Sales & ROI projects:

We project to be a multitude million-dollar company within the next 6-10 years. With your contributions we can reach our goals faster. Your investment will pay you quarterly

as long as Tony's Tejas salsa is manufactured. During the course of the next 20 years we project a 12%-20% yield on your investment.

2. Breakeven & Continuous gains:

There is always risk involved with investing. We have structured our profit share system so our investors potentially get their initial investment back within 6-10 years. Once you earned that back, you will have broken even and the risk is over. You will continue to receive dividends for the eternity of the company. That's continuous gains and how you accumulate wealth.

3. Reinvesting your dividends: 

Because we encourage our group to invest their disposal income, it's easy to reinvest your dividends. We send out a

quarterly earnings report and give you options to reinvest or get paid. Your investment accumulates, allowing your money to stay in the group and keeps your profit share percentage growing.

4. Risk:

Cost to Benefit analysis: Investing in a new company is risky, but it also can generate large returns on your investment. We have made it easy to invest at a level that works for your financial situation. The sooner and more often you invest the faster your investment grows with better returns. The biggest risk to the company andyour investment is if the founder dies. He has an insurance policy that covers the profit share groups monetary contributions. The benefits to being in our group are endless. Being a member automatically qualifies you for future investment opportunities. We have a diverse group with backgrounds in several different industries. Network with members to grow your own business. We display the talents of members via our social media and website outlets.

5. Cash out:

Investment Group Auction: When you are ready to liquidate your investment you can sell your profit share percentage to whomever you choose.



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