The World's Best Salsa.  Our salsa was invented to supply the demand for fresh great-tasting salsa, without the unnatural preservatives found in most so-called fresh salsa brands on the market.   Tony's Tejas Salsa is a premium, fresh, all-natural brand.

Our Original Medium flavor is bold & smoky with a Lil Kick at the end. Perfect as a dip, marinade, and sauce. 

Our Caliente Spicy flavor is a crescendo of heat that ends in a slow burn.  A spicy dip, condiment, and pasta sauce.

Beverley Ann's Mild Blend is a fresh, flavorful, zesty, blend with no heat. Great for sauteing veggies & seafood. 

Our most popular size is 12oz.  Our quart (32oz.) is a great option for value as well as being enough for those of us who consider Tony's Tejas Salsa a staple food.